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    Autoscaling objects next to each other



      How do I autoscale object next to each other, so that every object automaticly get bigger but keep their position to the other objects ?


      Im doing this with an calender view on a layout with fields and portals. I have tried anchoring top, left, right and bottom, with no good result. 


      Expected result should be that every object gets bigger to the right and to the bottom.

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          If I'm understanding you correctly, what you want is not possible with FileMaker's auto-sizing. You can basically only choose one object (or portal/slide control) to expand vertically and one to expand horizontally. 


          One way to do what you want is to look into using HTML web viewers for your calendar layouts. Then you could utilize a responsive Framework such as Zurb's Foundation to lay the calendar out more precisely. However, that's a big change from FileMaker development and will take a lot of time to get right, even if you are experienced with integrating FileMaker data into web viewers.


          An alternative is to look into an existing FileMaker calendar application such as SeedCode's DayBack which may achieve what you want. It's a commercial product, but it's one of the best and there's a free trial.

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            Okey thanks. I will check if that application can give me some tips, or I will need to let the calender view be as is

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              Johan Hedman

              You can only Auto resize one field at the time. You can not have to that will stretch depending on each other. I usually have the field that I know will have to most information (data) with Resize left to right and fields left of that Align Left and field right side of that field Align Right

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                May not be elegant, but you might be able to place a Popover button on each day, and copy that day’s fields and portals unto the popover panel, expanded to a desirable size. And place a “Close” button on the panel with a single step to close popover when done.