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Relations between two tables using a text field!

Question asked by FarfelKnabe on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by FarfelKnabe

Hi all,


I know this is a big no no in relationship databases. I for sure know this!


But still somehow I created the relationship between my main two tables using a text field. A unique text field, but still not a serial number!


Lately I have seen how the secondary table picks up relations to other posts in the main table. Which of course is totally messed up!!!


Since the information in the related text fields are unique this might not be the case! But I still think it is because of my stupidity using the text fields for the relationship.


So is there a way (that I don't know of yet) where I can switch over to a correct relationship using the unique serial number I from the beginning should have used.


Or am I screwed?


My first thought is to manually build/create the relations one post at a time, but that is really time consuming. So I am thankful for any answer that can help me solve this in an easier way.


Maybe create a script that copies the correct relationship between the two tables?


Did I mention that I am a happy amatuer and quite new at this