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Value List Item Count in Related Table

Question asked by kbee on Aug 30, 2016
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I have searched and searched and while I think this should be an easy calculation, I have yet to find one that works. Thank you in advance for your help!


I have two tables: People and Program

The tables are related by Program Name (which is a value list)

In People, I have a People::Status field, which is a drop-down value list of the following options: "Active", "Applicant", and "Inactive"

In Program, each of the Program Names are a unique record (with a portal listing all related People records)


The issue I'm having is: In Program, I created "Active Count" and "Applicant Count" fields that I would like to return a count of the total number of each People::Status value for that specific program record


I tried:

ValueCount (ValueListItems ("Person"; "Status")="Active")

But it returned a value of 1


I tried adjusting the relationship, but then the portal disappears...any help would be appreciated!