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    Problems Sharing over the web



      I'm trying to share my FileMaker database over the web.  I've succeded in that, but with few mishaps. 


      All I want (for now) the web users to do is be able to search for a work just to know status of X record.


      But whenever the web user do a search filemaker changes to that search in all the opened windows. 


      I've chosen multi-user and multi-user (hidden) in my settings and I created separated passwords. 

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          Johan Hedman

          To share you database for the web, do you mean FileMaker WebDirect then? What version are you working on?


          To share with FileMaker WebDirect you need FileMaker Server. Either you have that yourself or you find a partner that can host for your. Find a local partner that have Certified Developers and are Platinum and you will know you will get the best possible service

          FileMaker Business Alliance and Business Technology | FileMaker

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            Thank you for your answer. 



            Well I'm using Filemaker Pro 6.  .  Yeah I know I should upgrade, My boss is working on that, but in the meantime I have to make this work. 


            I've been reading a lot the User Guide and I'm under the impression that I don't need a server as long as I'm under 10 users.  We are 6-7 at most so I think we are OK there.  And The ones who get access trough the web would only execute searches.   I can browse with no problem, the only problem is when I hit the search link.


            I think my problem might be in the users. 

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              Johan Hedman

              You can share FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Pro, but no to the Internet with FileMaker Pro 6. You should tell your boss all about FileMaker 15 and especially about FileMaker WebDirect and all benefits from that.

              Run custom apps in a web browser | FileMaker WebDirect

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                Yes. I have told him, we are working on that.  But there's a burocracy here that kill us.  But yes we are moving toward a better version. 


                And I'm a little confused if I can't share to the internet then what is the page that I'm watching. 


                This pro version have a plugin called web companion.  Isn't that for sharing over the web. 


                Again, yes we are working to move for the latest version, but right now is not up to me.  We've already review the benefits and we want to we just have to wait for signatures and approvals, and in my experience that could take some time. 

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                  You can share FileMaker Pro to FileMaker Pro, but no to the Internet with FileMaker Pro 6.


                  Actually, FileMaker Pro 6 supported Instant Web Publishing - the predecessor of Web Direct. Custom Web Publishing was also available.


                  I can see OP mentioning Web Companion, so it is definitely Instant Web Publishing

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                    Johan Hedman

                    Here is a old link to find problems sharing with FileMaker Pro 6

                    Troubleshooting FileMaker Network Sharing in FileMaker Pro | FileMaker

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                      Although there are a lot of people here who used FileMaker 6 (including me), this came out around 15 years ago. I think most of us will not remember.


                      On the other hand, I think you problem is not with web publishing, but more generic issue with your database. Talk a bit about your structure and what are you trying to do and we should be able to help you.


                      If you can, post some screenshot or a sample file. You can provide a link to your solution on the web post it after dropping data. I am sure there are few guys who still have FMP 6 installed.


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                        nicolai You are right with the instant web publishing.


                        I've uploaded two screenshots


                        In both screen shots you can see The HOST (filemaker file running in filemaker) to the left viewed by TEAMVIEWER because is in a remote windows PC.

                        and the WEB FORM on the right.  I'm using SAFARI on my mac to connect.


                        In the First screenshot (HostAndWeb-One) we can see how my filemaker file is ok as it is.  And My Web form is blank since I configure it just to make searches.


                        Once I make a search in the web form that search gets "Transferred" to the Filemaker file in the HOST as you can see in the second screenshot (HostAndWeb-Two).


                        I don't know if it is supposed to be like that, but I wanted to be able to search files while somebody else is working on the host.


                        P.S. I'll look to expedite the upgrade.


                        My file is a very simple one, supposed to be a simple facturation record.


                        P.P.S. I have no problem Browsing nor entering data.   My only problem is searching.








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                          Not sure what happened with my previous answer. I will try again:


                          The search is not being transferred. On the second screenshot you have 8 records in the found set on the web and 227 records in your filemaker form.


                          You assume that the search in the web form moves to a different record in the open FileMaker file, this is not true.


                          Something else is going on in FileMaker. Did you mention that there is another user using it localy?


                          Generally, if a FIleMaker file is shared, different users can run different searches, scripts and view/modify different records. The other users search results or records displayed will not be affected, unless you specifically script for this.


                          The file, which is broadcasting, should not be used directly, this is a bad practice