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Questions about upgrading versions, compatibility and licensing

Question asked by medrob on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by Fabrice Nordmann

Greetings all, I am pretty new to this whole FileMaker experience (which comes from landing a new job) and I have a few questions that have come about with my boss.


We currently run FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 on our systems and Server 12 as our server. Discussing it with the boss has led to the idea of upgrading to 14 (We don't want to do a jump to 15 just yet) We do have some questions about doing an upgrade before we dive in and I wanted to ask about it here with the community.


First off, as far as upgrading goes, I feel as though an UPGRADE is a new purchased item; not neccesarily changing the current software to the new version. So if we were to upgrade to version 14 from 12, does that mean purchasing the software?


Are the data files from version 12 compatible with 14 (and 15, for that matter)?


And licensing; my boss says we have a volume license for FM12 and he's pretty adamant again purchasing new licensing at this time. In terms of upgrading from 12 to 14 (and possibly 15) will that require purchasing a new license to use the software?


I think that covers the list of questions I had.