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      We us filemaker pro on our ipad.  I created a field with a calendar to choose a day from.  It is not allowing me to choose day on the ipad only.  it works fine on desktop and laptops.  Any suggestions?  Thanks

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          Johan Hedman

          You can not use FileMaker Pro on a iPad. For that you need to download FileMaker Go from App-store


          In FileMaker Pro you choose for each field what kind of entry type you would like. You do that in the Inspector. Then when you run your solution in FileMaker Go you will see that you can choose calendar view there as well

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            Hi kkalach,


            It is a bit difficult to parse what the nature of your problem is, so I am guessing here. I think you want to emulate the calendar drop down you see in FileMaker Pro when you use FM Go on your iPad. The problem is that date fields on FM Go use the iOS generic calendar display with the spinning day month choices.


            Please correct me if my assumptions are wrong.


            If this is indeed your issue, it is a common problem.


            Please see this useful resource for a cross-platform calendar day picker. It works on Mac, Windows and iOS (I can confirm this) and also apparently on WebDirect:



            I hope this helps.


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