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FM 14 Giving permission based on primary key

Question asked by calebhkang on Aug 30, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2016 by calebhkang

Hello everyone,


I'm a FM 14 novice here and I've created a database for my church contacts using the starter solution.


So here is my problem:

Each person in our organization is part of a "small group". And each small group has multiple people (reverse is not true).

So I used one to many relationship to join "Small group table" (one) and "contacts table" (many).

"Small group table" contains information of that small group (leader name, start date...) and I use portal to populate the members name and info in that layout.

I would like to give permission to each group leader so that they can see ONLY their group members' information in their group layout.

but I'm not sure how I can do that.

I already have given permission settings that allows them to see only certain parts of data in "contacts table" but giving different permission to different leaders

seems like this requires a whole new approach...


If I create separate table for each group, would that solve the problem? (The problem would be, how do I enter their group info in Contacts layout?)

If that is the way to go, how can I differentiate each group? With different primary keys?


Hope this makes sense and thank you in advance!