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    FileMaker Memory Leak


      Product and version FileMaker Server 15.01.137

      OS and version Windows Server 2012 R2

      Browser and version (for WebDirect only)

      Hardware Intel XeonCPU E5-2630@2.6mz - 4 processors in a VM environment     22gb Ram



      This issue has been happening for some time, it has been experienced across two VM's both on same hardware.


      Cache used to be set at 40% now set to 10%, which by the way improved performance radically.


      It has been experienced on both FMS 14 and FMS 15.


      Currently on restart of FM Server utilisation of Memory is around 25%. Over a period of days this will gradually creep up to over 90% with a big degradation in performance.


      I have attached some screenshots. They show how quickly the memory gets taken up. Note the task manager doesn't represent total memory usage.


      My suspicion is that it might relate to ESS. See screen shots of active DSN's connected to FIleMaker.


      The server is purely a FIleMaker server.


      How to replicate

      Resolution is to restart FM Server.

      Workaround (if any)


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          Thank you for your post and screen shots.


          What can you tell me about the four ESS connections?  How often are they used?  How many clients are using the connections?  In general, what kind of traffic occurs with the ESS connections?  Is there one connection used more often?


          When you say "a period of days", is this three days?  Seven days?


          I realize the ESS connections are essential, but have you tried disabling one or more the connections?  If so, has the memory improved?



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            The three of the ESS connections are in pretty much constant use, the other is a link to an archive.


            FileMaker_SY_MYSQL_64 is most heavily used for storing catalogue records.


            There can be up to 4 machines catloguing and proxying media drives, MySQL holds around 16 million records.


            The MS SQL is new and currently has a low utilisation.


            Memory issues was there before the MS SQL.


            See attached screenshot, system was restarted yesterday. Utilisation has gone form 25% to 74%.


            Note no SQL db running on sever machine, MySQL on one machine and MS SQL on another.


            MySQL  = 5.1  and MS SQL = 13.











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