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    Printing from the web


      The search is not being transferred. On the second screenshot you have 8 records in the found set on the web and 227 records in your filemaker form.


      You assume that the search in the web form moves to a different record in the open FileMaker file, this is not true.


      Something else is going on in FileMaker. Did you mention that there is another user using it localy?


      Generally, if a FIleMaker file is shared, different users can run different searches, scripts and view/modify different records. The other users search results or records displayed will not be affected, unless you specifically script for this.


      The file, which is broadcasting, should not be used directly, this is a bad practice.

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          I'm sorry I tried to branch from this not with this. 

          For me This is the correct answer from the previous discussion I don't know how to put you back So I can mark it as the correct answer.


          But I have another question.  How do I print from this web view.  I have an invoice that prints from the data in the File,  but it doesn't seem right printing from the web.


          I'm currently browsing other discussions with similar questions, but any help would be Appreciated.


          Thank you nicolai

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            I see. I reposted my answer in the other thread.


            The Print function is not supported by FileMaker Instant Web publishing, so you can't script it. This is still not supported in FileMaker 15. The main reason is that printing is controlled by the user's browser.


            You can manually print from the browser, using a menu or a shortcut (try cmd+p). It is not going to be exactly the same as FileMaker and will vary from one browser to another


            There are solutions which generate a PDF and let you download it but they usually rely on the file being hosted by filemaker server and I am not sure anyone did it as early as FileMaker 6. Whichever approach you try, it will involve extra work and is not going to be simple.

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              I understand what you mean.  It all depends on the way I choose to display it plus what browser I'm using.


              But I see that this use CSS files and maybe there's a way that we can choose to print just one division of the page.  Are at least remove as much divisions as possible at the print moment.  Just as google do when printing an e-mail.


              Maybe something as explained here:

              How to print a specific part of a HTML page using CSS(@media:screen,@media:print)


              Or something along that line.

              a button with a java script or something like that.


              I think that all I need is to be able to modify the file used for the display of the data, maybe using a custom page, but I can't find it anywhere it's like is created whenever the application is started and ended when the app is turned off.


              Anyway, do you nicolai think that something like this can be done???

              or anybody else beverly PeterDoern BruceRobertson