cache, remote server and performance related to containers

Discussion created by AndrewJudd on Aug 31, 2016
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I have a database hosted with a cloud based server company. Users access it remotely to open and close.


I have a couple of more general question about performance -


As i understand it, when a user opens the database on their local network, their computer will cache certain elements (calculations, fields, containers etc?) (I usually have memory set to max - 512 to help) as they go to various layouts. This helps loading time when they return to that layout or perform the same script etc - during the same "session" while they are connected.


When they close the database and re-open the process needs to fully start again. So when a computer goes to sleep or you leave it overnight etc, you generally lose the connection (unless you want to leave your computer on 24/7 and your wi-fi connection is very solid).


I assume there is no way to prevent cache being cleared when the database closes? Having to start the process again every time you connect or disconnect has a huge impact on performance. Obviously if the cache wasn't cleared it would build and build and build, perhaps thats the reason?


I have also been testing out Manage containers - specifically the thumbnails area (not remote storage).


I'm slightly unclear on this - having turned on permanent storage to test it out - when do the thumbnails get created and when are they displayed? I have form and list views and already run a modify trigger script when an image is added to create very small container (usually 4-8k in size) for list view scrolling and portals etc. What are these additional "thumbnails"referred to in Manage - Containers? Filemaker's explanation on these is not very clear.


thank you!