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    Field not refreshing


      I have a very strange situation that I haven't been able to replicate however, the issue was persistent at the time.  We have an estimating solution.  It is used to estimate multi-million dollar construction projects.  During the closing of a job we may have 3 to 5 people logged into the solution and changing numbers.  During such a close, the team noticed that the total displayed on one computer (Buck's) was different than the total on the other two.  Upon closer inspection we noticed that one field, in one record (materialunitcost), was different on Buck's computer.  The field is an indexed number field.  The field is part of a calculation that totals the record and part of a calculation that totals the found set.  We have a script that is used to update the estimate total.  All three computer users would have been activating this script multple times as the closing cut off time came close.  Each computer should show exactly the same total.  When Buck ran the script all three computers showed the total based on his value of the field.  When the two others ran the script all three computers showed the total based on their "correct" value of the script.  After the close we went record by record comparing the two versions of the estimate and we discovered the one field that was different.  Once we found the bad number we tested changing this number from all computers and the number refreshed exactly as you would expect it to.  I need to figure out how to prevent this from happening in the future.  Does anyone have any idea why this one field in this one record did not refresh on this one computer?  Thanks for your help.  Peter

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          Johan Hedman

          Did you try to use a Trigger to do script step Refresh Window?

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            No I did not try a Trigger to Refresh Window.  Once we found the field that was not refreshing we took screen shots and then we changed the contents in the field of one of the computers.  I can't recall now which computer we tried first but I do know that the field refreshed as it should on all the computers.  We could not make it get stuck again if you know what I mean.  Do you think that if I included a Refresh WIndow script step in my update total script (and perhaps scattered about in other scripts and triggers) that this would prevent this from happening again?


            Thanks very much for your help.



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              Johan Hedman

              The script step Refresh Window will bring actual active data to your layout for that specific record.

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                Don't forget commit records:


                Commit Records

                Refresh WIndow

                Refresh Window [Flush Cached Join Results]


                Use the last option only when absolutely necessary as it can be a performance hit in some circumstances


                Also be very sure that you are all working with the same set of records and that you don't have a global field affecting the results observed.

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                  Wow.  Thanks to philmodjunk and Johan Hedman.  I am impressed with the quick and thoughtful responses!  I have been working with Filemaker for more years than I like to remember and cannot ever remember using these forums before.  Thanks again.  I have included commit records and refresh window script steps and will see if I get any reports "stuck" fields.