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    Geolocation With JS


      I've been trying to get geolocation to work, without any luck. If you run the code below in a browser, you will get varying results, depending on the browser. The desired result is a one-time prompt to allow use of your location, followed by displaying it. The resulting coordinates can be passed to Google maps. Safari asks for permission, but then returns error #1 in the displayError() function. Firefox on a Mac and Chrome work as desired. IE might.


      But in a web viewer on Mac, Windows, or iOS, I just get Permission Denied-- error #1.


      I expect other developers are doing things with geolocation. Does anyone have any idea how they might be getting 'round this barrier? Is there a way to set prefs in the WV's underlying browsers? Am I missing some attribute of the navigator object?


      <!doctype html>



          <title>Where am I?</title>

          <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, user-scalable=no, initial-scale=1">

          <meta charset="utf-8">




              var map;


              window.onload = getMyLocation;


              function getMyLocation() {

                  if (navigator.geolocation) {






                  else {

                      alert("Geolocation is not supported.");




              function displayLocation(position) {

                  var latitude = position.coords.latitude;

                  var longitude = position.coords.longitude;


                  var div = document.getElementById("location");

                  div.innerHTML = "You are at Latitude: " + latitude + ", longitude: " + longitude;





              function displayError(error) {

                  var errorTypes = {

                      0: "Unknown error",

                      1: "Permission denied",

                      2: "Position is not available",

                      3: "Request timeout"


                  var errorMessage = errorTypes[error.code];

                  if (error.code == 0 || error.code == 2) {

                      errorMessage = errorMessage + " " + error.message;


                  var div = document.getElementById("location");

                  div.innerHTML = errorMessage;





              body {

                  font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

                  margin: 10px;


              div#location, div#distance {

                  padding: 5px;



              div#map {

                  margin: 5px;

                  width: 800px;

                  height: 800px;

                  border: 1px solid black;








      <div id="location">




      <div id="map">





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          In FileMaker Go on iOS, the Location and LocationValues functions (in FileMaker's calculation engine, not a web viewer) get a device's location. This blog post goes into more detail about how to use them.


          I haven't heard of anyone having any success getting location from a web viewer on Mac on Windows. Some folks have tried integrating with separate hardware GPS devices through some plugin-mediated interface rather than using JavaScript in a web viewer. You could do a search in the forum for that if external hardware is an option.

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            Thanks, Jeremy. I'm familiar with the blog post, as well as your own work,

            and used Go's Location function to give me more accurate testing params than

            I can get from a desktop. But I was hoping to get the navigator object to

            work. Sounds like it doesn't. Not interested in using additional hardware.