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    Filemaker 14 will not open


      FMA 14v5 windows 10


      I was using FM and it crashed.  When I tried to restart it wouldn't open.


      I restarted windows, still wont launch.


      I remove and reinstalled still no.


      I check to see if Windows had made any updates or any other files were installed today, nada.


      In the task manager I see it start up for a moment then disappear.


      Has anyone else encounter this and has a fix?



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          I removed all "Extensions" in the Filemaker folder, now it is working

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            Windows 10

            Filemaker Advanced 14.0.6 on a 64bit machine.


            I also removed all extensions after trying everything else. Yes, that helped.


            I had the same after one of the Layout in my solution crashed when trying to manually open it from the Layout menu, and Filemaker first behaved extremely slowly. Then Filemaker Advanced would not open any file. I  tried everything - for 2 hours - then removed the application and completely reinstalled the app.