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    Load same field in two different tables


      i know this is probably easy, but I have no idea where to start.

      i want to load data in a field in one table, and automatically enter the same data in a field in a different table.

      can you help me?

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          I have to play devils advocate here and ask why do you feel the need to duplicate data?


          What problem are you trying to solve?


          Having the same data element in two tables goes against the principals of structured data within an RDBMS.


          Not saying it cant be done or should never be done but should be done with thought and purpose.


          You do know that if you have two tables in FM that are correctly linked on the relationship graph that data from table A is accessible from layouts based on table B and vice versa?

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            Love the advocate approach. I'll ask OP if the two tables are related in anyway. If so, then perhaps is the answer.

            so, basically we need more information...


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              We have a data loader table  (QUE) that information is loaded into until it is inspected for accuracy. then the data is removed after it is improved and sent to inventory.


              we have had two cases that information was removed accidentally from the QUE, and there is no redo button to press.


              My thoughts were to automatically create an archive by automatically entering the data into a QUE_backup table as it is entered originally in the QUE.


              The QUE backup table would hold the data a rolling 7 days then delete it automatically.

              I know how to do all that, but i don't know how to simultaneously enter data in two tables.  OR, you might have a better idea.


              The QUE uses radio fields to press when the items are reviewed for approval (YES). There is a script that looks for the (YES) in the radio button field and copies the approved data to the inventory table.

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                to transfer data from que table to another table it can be as simple as export que to .mer file and import into the destination table.

                Their are enough settings in the import functionality for you to be able to update records where needed and create new if their is not match