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    FileMaker 15 - cannot turn off Auto-Login / Single Sign On


      Product and version: Client: FileMaker Pro Advanced, Server: FileMaker Server 14

      OS and version: Client: Windows 8.1, Server: Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter

      Browser and version: N/A

      Hardware: Standard Windows laptops and desktops

      Description: FileMaker 15 Pro Advanced is logging in without prompt to a server with External Server authentication, where FileMaker 14 would always display a login prompt.  I can force the login to appear with the shift key on my machine, but some users share workstations (possibly the same Windows session) and there are IT security requirements that all users must manually login to databases.

      How to replicate: Double click on shortcut to fmp url.

      Workaround: Add re-login script step to Opening Script for FM15 clients reconnect again.  The FM14 clients would have to login twice though.