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Preventing unwanted line breaks after certain characters?

Question asked by RolfNoyer on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by TSGal

Am reposting this question here from “Discussions” at recommendation of user _beverly_.


I am frustrated because FileMaker (15, still) puts line breaks after certain characters where there should be no line break (in proper typography), for example:


(1) After many characters that function like open (left) parentheses (a sample is given below):


⟨           left angle bracket (unicode 3008)

⟪           mathematical left double angle bracket (unicode 27EA)

⟦           mathematical left white square bracket (unicode 27E6)

⦗          left black tortoiseshell bracket (unicode 2997)

⸢          top left half bracket (unicode 2E22)

⸤          bottom left half bracket (unicode 2E24)


(2) Certain characters in the Latin Extended Additional Range such as uni1E9C to 1E9F, uni 1EFA to 1EFF,

for example:  δ  (Latin small letter delta, unicode 1E9F)


The closing (right parenthesis) analogues to the characters in (1) above also permit automatic line-breaking *before* them (to their left), which is also undesirable.


You end up with things like


…   a⟨





…  ⟨





… a⟨bcd





… a⟨bcd


all of which look just terrible.


While it is possible to force a line-break to occur where FileMaker would not put it by inserting a zero-width space uni200B (a trick worth remembering), there seems to be no way to *prevent* FileMaker from introducing line-breaks where they should not be.


Does anyone know of any solution to this problem?