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    Preventing unwanted line breaks after certain characters?


      Am reposting this question here from “Discussions” at recommendation of user _beverly_.


      I am frustrated because FileMaker (15, still) puts line breaks after certain characters where there should be no line break (in proper typography), for example:


      (1) After many characters that function like open (left) parentheses (a sample is given below):


      ⟨           left angle bracket (unicode 3008)

      ⟪           mathematical left double angle bracket (unicode 27EA)

      ⟦           mathematical left white square bracket (unicode 27E6)

      ⦗          left black tortoiseshell bracket (unicode 2997)

      ⸢          top left half bracket (unicode 2E22)

      ⸤          bottom left half bracket (unicode 2E24)


      (2) Certain characters in the Latin Extended Additional Range such as uni1E9C to 1E9F, uni 1EFA to 1EFF,

      for example:  δ  (Latin small letter delta, unicode 1E9F)


      The closing (right parenthesis) analogues to the characters in (1) above also permit automatic line-breaking *before* them (to their left), which is also undesirable.


      You end up with things like


      …   a⟨





      …  ⟨





      … a⟨bcd





      … a⟨bcd


      all of which look just terrible.


      While it is possible to force a line-break to occur where FileMaker would not put it by inserting a zero-width space uni200B (a trick worth remembering), there seems to be no way to *prevent* FileMaker from introducing line-breaks where they should not be.


      Does anyone know of any solution to this problem?

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          Sorry, I should have added:


          I have FM Pro Advanced running on a MacBook Pro (OS 10.11.16), none of which is actually relevant since the problem in question has occurred on all my different Macs running FM for at least 8 years.


          To replicate the problem:


          in any field, enter the string


          … a*Xa*


          where X is one of the characters I mentioned in my previous post and a* is an uninterrupted sequence of ordinary letters without spaces.  Adjust the spacing of the column in a table view (or the width of the field in a form view) such that X is forced to appear at line end.


          You will see the problem. A line break will automatically appear, incorrectly, to the right of X (or, inversely, to the left of one of the “right parenthesis-like” counterparts to X).


          There is no work-around that I know of.

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            Thank you for your posts.


            I have sent your posts to our Development and Testing departments for review.  When I receive any feedback, I will let you know.



            FileMaker, Inc.

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              Development is investigating this issue and its impact with existing solutions.



              FileMaker, Inc.