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font changes to Wingdings

Question asked by tnp on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2016 by monte_falls

One of our users occasionally experiences a problem where suddenly every FileMaker layout item turns into a font that looks like Wingdings. (The menus, ribbon, etc. remain as normal, but all layout items change.) It might be when the application is first started; or sometimes, when it's already open, something else is worked on, and coming back to that application the font has changed. Restarting the pc seems to be the only way to correct it. This is the only office pc that happens with, and this pc is also the only office machine that also runs QuickBooks almost continually (Premier Nonprofit Edition 2014). The issue does not occur upon opening if FileMaker is opened before QuickBooks, although it may change once QuickBooks has been worked in that day then going back to the FM application). We were using FileMaker Pro 14 but a recent upgrade to 15 did not solve the issue. Win7 pcs. Any suggestions appreciated.