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Survey question and managing in Data/Control

Question asked by alangriffith on Sep 1, 2016
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I'm in the process of using my FM12 pro advanced to frame up a questionnaire. Going ok re that but have struck a couple of hurdles that I'm needing some help on. It concerns 'how to display a couple of questions in my layout that are tricky'.


First tricky question to display re fields is the following. Tried to capture and paste into this dialogue box but without luck here goes the 'manual' version:


Q12. To what extent does she/he help you in the following activities:

                                            None       A little       Some       A lot       Totally

- working your cattle?                0            1              2             3            4

- doing the book keeping?                     <same>

- weed control?                                      <same>

- other (name)                                       <same> 


So my question is: Is there some way to show these under the 'Data/Control style' as a group under one question......or am I looking at doing a question with radio buttons (say) for each option (e.g. working your cattle? etc)?


Second 'tricky' question:


Q22. How many cattle do you have?               Type              Number

- Females older than 3 years?

- Females 13 months to 3 years old?

- Bulls older than 2 years old?

- Bulls younger than 2 years old?


Again perhaps a similar question: How to design in the layout - under one question ...or a separate question for each type of cattle?


Looking forward to your reply on this as I am at a stalemate until this is resolved.