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Perform Script on Server deleting records from an unrelated table

Question asked by sivagurS on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Johan Hedman



I have a layout A with table(FM_Reports) wherein when the user enters a Work Order Number, I do a few column matching using ESS tables and then add them to two separate tables Sample_Specification_Exact and Sample_Specification_General. These two tables are related to the layout table(FM_Reports).

After all the search and matching are done, the two table values are displayed in a portal in the same layout, Layout A.


When the user clicks on any of these two table rows, the user is taken to Layout B, answers a few questions, clicks Submit.


When they click Submit,the answers they entered are stored in the database using PSOS Script step, since I am running the file in FM Go.


Here is where something weird happens,  When PSOS is done executing, the records from tables Sample_Specification_Exact and Sample_Specification_General are automatically deleted. I gather that those records that belong to Portals are being deleted.


I checked the Total Record count of the two tables before and after PSOS and it is clearly after PSOS that these table records are deleted.


I don't know why this is happening or how to resolve it, but I still need those two table values after performing the PSOS Script step.


Hope I have made my problem clear.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.