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    Grouping items in Layout mode auto locks them?



      So in a previous version of Filemaker Pro, I could use the group feature to take several items in Layout mode and group them together. Usually Cmd+R. I could then move the group around on the layout and interact with them as see fit. This was Filemaker 12. I recently installed a copy of Filemaker 14 and although this feature is still in place, I have to proceed with a second step; I have to unlock the group. It seems that every time I group a series of items together, Filemaker automatically locks them and forces me to unlock using the Inspector tool. Now, this wouldn't be that big of a problem, especially with quick keys for unlocking (Its like, Cmd+Shift+Alt+U or something) but I would prefer a way to remove this auto lock altogether. Is it possible and if so, how do I set this?

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          I've tested in FM 14 and FM 15, and I don't get the same behavior. When I group objects, they continue to remain fully movable.


          There is this, from FMI:

          "If you include a locked object in the group, the resulting grouped object is also locked."


          Perhaps you're including something that's already been locked?

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            Here is an example of what I am using.

            There is a green box we use as a "window" so to speak. Essentially its just something that holds the text and field boxes we use for the actual data.


            The information is about sales by item, and it lists how many of each item are sold per month, expanding over 24 months. So there are 24 fields inside this green box. The green box serves no purpose outside of containing the 24 fields. The box itself is locked as to not be moved, allowing us to highlight the fields inside the box and move them (Which is done regularly to update the information linking to these fields.)


            So this is what we do. The green box is locked. The 24 fields (2 columns of 12) inside are not. We occasionally delete the top (oldest) field, move 11 underneath it up to match the second column height. We then move the topmost in the second column down under the first column and move the second column to align with the top of the first. We then create a new field at the end of the second column. When we group the fields in the green box together, they lock. Now, one thing we learned using Filemaker 12 is that we have to shift click the green box in order to prevent it from grouping with our column items (Thus preventing it from locking in the first place, but this is on 12)


            The only thing I can think of is, since the items are on a layout inside the green box (Even though they are not affiliated or assigned anything with the green box) that is whats causing the items to auto lock in the first place.



            I know there are probably easier layout items and record systems we could be using for this particular database entry (I can almost guarantee) but this is how my boss has it set up and wants it done. Its how he has done it for years and I'm pretty new to the job; I don't want to step on any toes.

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              If you select any number of items that are unlocked, and only one that is locked, and you group them...the result will be a locked group. It sounds like you're including at least one item that is locked as you select items to group.


              You might just need to go through each item (one time) and check to see if it's part of a group already and/or if it's locked already.

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