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    Import script from folder FM15


      Hi all, i am trying to make a script but having no look and hopefully someone can assist with this.


      Basically i want fm to watch a folder on a server to import a CSV file created by my web designer from the website payment system.


      The website will produce a csv file and fm to check every few mins for a file, if file in the folder then import details and create an order number and auto send an email with the booking details as pdf.



      The table im importing to is called Booking and the fields the order will create is



      ClientEmail  < Send details to this email of ordernumber etc (i will create an invoice layout and perhaps save that as pdf and send that)










      When importing it needs to create a new record under



      I will be running FM from the Server on my personal Windows Server and have the folder it to watch in




      I want filemaker to delete the file after import and i will get the web designer to have the export order to look for file order.txt and if exists name order2.txt etc.


      Hope this makes sense and someone can help because this is beyond my expertness


      Please no negative posts, im not asking for abuse but assistance.




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          Abuse is really rare in this forum in my personal experience.


          Unless this folder is located inside the server's documents folder, you'll need to use either a plug in or a system script/batch file to read the files listed in the folder to tell whether or not a new file has been added.


          If you locate it inside the documents folder, the Get ( DocumentsPathListing ) can list the contents of your folder and you can check it for new additions. Otherwise you'll need to either generate a directory listing of the file folder and import it as text or use one of a number of different plug ins that offer the ability to do this.


          Once you can get the name of the newly added file, the Import Records script step can be used to import your data.

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            Johan Hedman

            Install the plugin Base Elements (free) BaseElements Plugin | Goya Pty Ltd


            Then you can use the plugin to move/delete/create folders.