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    Charting problem


      I've never used Chart before and I'm having trouble with it. I have a table that contains log information. I would like to search for a certain date and then have it chart connections for time of day. I have a field Tasks (connection) and I created a field Hour that is a calculation of the hour part the task was created. So the times (hour of the day) would be 1, 2, 3, 4, etc across the bottom x-axis. The connections would never exceed 100 and would go in the y-axis. I figured a line graph would be best. When I enter the data, it doesn't seem to be grouped. It shows at 7 a series of dots, at 8, where there are a larger amount of connection, a larger series of dots. At 7, the number of connections is 11. At 8, it is 23.

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          I think I understand what you're trying to do. I created a quick demo that it would help.

          The key is to:

          1. Find your data

          2. Sort it by the hour


          and then set up the chart to be based on the found set, using the hour field, and then set the display to be "Summarized groups of records".


          Study my chart in the set up of the object. Study the "Chart" and "Data Source" panels.


          Charts are tricky things to understand. But once you do, the concept sticks and you can set up a chart with relative ease.

          Here's a great resource that will help you out.

          In-Depth: Charting

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            I wasn't sorting the records after I entered the layout; i did it before. Thanks for all your help.