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    Object Types



      I'm very new here to FileMaker.


      I'm confused by something.

      When I add a new field, I get the following choices. I want to know why other choices aren't there. Choices shown down in the second screenshot below.


      Why aren't they all in that first screen? Why is a checkbox, a radio button, a whatever, as an object on a form, different than a text field? They're both perfectly legitimate things to be on a form. I find this very confusing, and, very un-Apple like.



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          It's the difference between the data type for a field and the UI control type.

          You should get the FM training series and work through it because if you don't understand the difference between a field's data type and a UI control type your going to be in real trouble quick.

          This is FM 101 level knowledge and software development / database basics 101

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            Thanks. But, so what? They're both fields on a form. The difference is meaningless to me.

            Yes, I'm struggling through the training series now. It's not easy.

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              "Thanks. But, so what? They're both fields on a form. The difference is meaningless to me."

              Well; then working on the meaning of the difference is something for you to work on.

              Both in order for you to properly manage your data; as well as for communicating with the rest of us.


              There IS a big difference. An enormous difference.


              "Face or feet. What's the difference?"

              They are both quite different things. How  you dress them up for any particular purpose or location or party or social gathering is different from the kind of data they store. You can put pie in your face. You cannot put pie in your toes. You can put a sock on your foot. You can put glasses on your face.

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                "Communicating with the rest of us?" Well, I seem to have communicated what I needed just fine. I got two responses within minutes.

                To me, they're objects on a form, in the same UI.


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                  What you should ask yourself is " Did the responses i got within 2 minutes solve my problem?" i would guess no.


                  To address the original question... they are NOT both objects on a form.

                  The object on the form is the UI control (edit box, radio button etc).

                  The data that a UI control displays comes from a field in a table with a specific data type.

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                    Well, sorry then. I thought it was an innocent question. Yeh, I've got it. I've created a file in FM for my work, using both of these "things," objects, whatever you call them. And, I see how to get each. I just think that the "control" things like checkboxes, radio buttons, etc. shouldn't be hidden away under the Inspector, but, should be right there with the rest of the stuff. This is just my humble opinion.

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                      You'll get there. Keep at it.

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                        "To me, they're objects on a form, in the same UI."

                        But they aren't that at all.

                        ONE of the things is a particular object on a particular form.

                        The OTHER is about creating or defining (or redefining) a data storage object (field) in a TABLE.

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                          FileMaker is not object oriented which actually makes things more difficult for beginners (and the rest of us). With an object oriented environment every "control" on your form is an object with its own properties (size, width, ...) and methods (setColor(), setWidth(), ....) You can send "messages" to controls (objects) to manage them.  A key feature of an object is that it hides the complexity (the object "abstracts" it) so you don't have to understand all the details about its (internal) implementation just to use it.


                          Going back to your original question, a text field and a radio button, etc., are all objects.  Just remember that FileMaker has been around for 30+ years and uses an older way of doing things. Yet. despite the older approach FileMaker uses, once you "get it", FileMaker will let you create apps extremely quickly.


                          I would seriously recommend you check out the Lynda.com FileMaker Training courses. They're excellent!


                          HOPE THIS HELPS.

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                            Thanks a lot. Yeh, I looked at the lynda.com site. I have membership there. I've used it for years for Adobe products. The FileMaker courses they have, though, are version 12 or below. Would that matter for someone as green as me?

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                              There are a number of up-to-date courses on there, such as: FileMaker Pro 15 Essential Training

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                                Yes, exactly.


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                                  Thanks. Yeh. I've got a bunch of bookmarks to training classes like that. Not sure if I've got that one, though. I'll definitely dive into this.



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                                    Don't try to go too fast through the material or you'll get exhausted.


                                    I would also recommend the full course option so you can get sample files such.


                                    It would be nice if you could contact the instructors at Lynda, but I don't know if that's an option.

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