Auto-resize objects in FM 11

Discussion created by JeffJ on Sep 2, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by JeffJ

I have many layouts that use graphic objects (lines, bars) as part of a look. Most of these objects auto-resize as expected, resizing horizontally for example. On just a few layouts, that are VERY similar to most, such objects do not auto-resize as expected. The documentation states that object auto-resizing is anchored to the layout or container margins. None of the objects in question are in portals or tab controls so I must assume they are anchored to layout margins, EXACTLY like the objects that auto-resize correctly on the layouts without problems. I have experimented with layout print margins but that has no effect. Is it possible that some other form of layout margin is in play on the few layouts that show this problem? Thanks


( I have included several attachments showing layout mode with anchors for a particular black header bar and browse mode of the same layout. The views with "Invoices" in their name are auto-resizing correctly while the views with "Clients" in their name are not, even though the anchors are set the same.)