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Assignments Not working

Question asked by dig on Sep 3, 2016
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Hello All – I need some assistance please.


I don’t understand how to stop this from happening, I am hoping someone can show me why this is happening.


I have attached my latest working file.


PROBLEM: Whenever I assign a piece of plant to a job site via the DIESELS_PLANT Layout, the Site assignment does not stay and changes to the last site I assigned them; the plant however remains as set for that particular customer.


I have two Customers, Four piece of plant and four job sites in my example.


I used a join table as many customers have many sites and many sites can be related to many customers.


I have assigned Sites to customers, I have assigned Plant to customers. No Problem.


What I would like to see via a portal on the Customers layout is what plant they have assigned, what site it is at and who the contact is.



Site 1 = Plant 4 for customer Marvin the Martian

Site 2 = Plant 3 for customer Michigan J. Frog Inc.

Site 3 = Plant 2 for customer Marvin the Martian

Site 4 = Plant 1 for customer Michigan J. Frog Inc.


NOTE: I am unsure if this is bad practice or simply unnecessary but I serialized the _kf fields in the join table.