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Container field with too many files - best practicies?

Question asked by samgiertz on Sep 3, 2016
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We have a FM solution with invoices stored as PDF files in an container field. Luckily we are pretty good at generating invoices and we have about 10000 generted. For each PDF file a JPG and PNG file is also created by FM so we now have about 30k files. The folder is about 3.3 GB. My database file is about 20 GB.


We use a backup setup including weekly backups to dropbox and this is where I run into problems.


We started using the secure function but quickly realied that it creates massive amounts of subfolders. Dropbox quickly started to suffer. With about 100 weekly historical backups, my dropbox has stopped functioning. Apparently it is a well known issue with dropbox. And once you have loaded too many files and folders to your dropbox, there is no going back, you just get error messages.


Anyhow I started thinking, maybe I should not store all these invoices going back five years in this way. What do you guys say, should I:


1. archive some data/files at this point to another database? I am not too sure how this would work and I dont have any experiance from setting this up.


2. do away with the container field and bring the PDFs into the database? My main issue is not 25GB of database but all the files...


3. just move PDFs to a backup folder when they are over certain age? I am not sure how filemaker behaves if it cant find the file. I dont have an issue with digging in a separate folder if I ever need a two year old invoice. Plus the data needed to generate the PDF is in the database, I mostly store it to see what the PDF we sent out really looked like.


4. Something else?