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Discussion created by sotura on Sep 2, 2016
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Hello. I have a layout that I'm working on that I would like to be more user friendly and simple . In this layout the user will have to select from 4 different dropdowns that are all connected and run by value lists to get down to one value (Cost ID) and with this cost ID it will also generate a cost value and a unit for that cost. Is there a way to get the information in this layout to be shown to the user without them having to click on the radio check boxes? I've also attempted to use the merge field but for these values it grabs the first available value it sees when choosing from the Class and Type dropdowns and does not update when it gets further down even if the field is different. The first attachment Table example is currently what it looks like. Table example 2 has the merge fields added below how it currently looks to show that the merge table is not updating to the correct value. Thanks for any help I can get.



Edit: I have attached the database as well. The tables and value lists are coming from the ClassTypes layout and being put into the Inventory layout. The relationships involved for this question are just the ClassTypes relationships.


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