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    Cannot see Aggregate data in Portal


      I have a stock trading application that uses a Dashboard opening page to show a number of metrics in portals looking at the various tables Watchlist, Tips, Prices, Orders etc. The Dashboard table has a single field  "LINK"=1 that links it to all the related tables.


      I also have a table of StkCycles that captures the Stk code, date, and Stk price increase for each stock based on certain criteria, and I use a Summary Field "Num Cycles" and a calculation field "Num Cycles by Stk" to summarise the multiple records for each stock as shown below.


      This displays the summaries as required in the StkCycles layout, but I cannot get the "Num Cycles" or "Num Cycles by Stk" data to display in the Dashboard portal.

      I have sorted the Portal by the Stock Code as shown below.


      Any ideas on why this does not work - or suggestions on how I could better approach this?