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Script Quick Find search between two files

Question asked by user25648 on Sep 4, 2016
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Can anyone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong?


I am the administrator (scary)

File A is accessed from a server

File B is local on my laptop

They are related by File A's primary key


I would like to automate the search for information from File A using the Quick Find for that information in File B.  If the search finds records, then a field in File B will be set with File A's key.  Essentially, I'm trying to create the linkage in a one-to-many relationship between Files A and B based upon the scripted search.  Using the Quick Find is important because File B is a compilation of information from multiple resources which do not always conform to specific fields.


This search involves three local variables created from File A - $searchString  $state  $key

$searchString is the information used in the Quick Find done in File B

$state - I need to constrain the found results to a particular state

$key is File A's primary key which will replace the contents of File B's field linking the two databases


My initial problem is that the search, which takes 1 second when done manually, ends up taking forever - I've canceled after waiting several minutes without getting search results. 


Below are the script steps I have so far (it presently assumes the File A window is open-active and File B's window is open-inactive)


Set Variable [ $key ; Value: FileA::key ]

Set Variable [ $searchString ; Value: FileA::info ]

Select Window [ Name: "FileB Search" ]

Perform Quick Find [ $searchString ]

Constrain Found Set [Restore]

Set Field [ FileB::fKey ; $key ]


Thanks for any help or suggestions!