[OFF-Topic] ISO: Office 365/Office 2016 for Mac Consultant

Discussion created by DrewTenenholz on Sep 2, 2016

Folks --


One of my longest-standing non-profit clients has (with the help of an outside consulting firm) made the shift to Office 365/Office 2016.  They'd like to use as many of the new features they are renting as possible including Outlook on their hand-held devices, cloud storage and sharing for both internal and collaborative use, Skype for Business, etc. etc.  They are a 95% Mac user-base, but there is a user with a PC.


I don't have the knowledge to help with this as quickly as desired (though I'm reading help articles and spending as much time with MS support as I can).  The consultants who set this up failed to make a smooth email transition, and I don't think they have the skills (both direct knowledge and understanding of how to plan and stage the roll out of  Office365 services) to help this client really make use of the environment they have entered.


Does anyone know a person or small firm that really knows the Office 365 world inside out especially for Macintosh users they would recommend I contact?  This non-profit is in the Boston area, and on-site help would be preferred, but I have yet to find someone local who seems like they can help.



Drew Tenenholz