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Script Workspace:  Show More Info about Scripts

Question asked by taylorsharpe on Sep 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by taylorsharpe

We had an FMPUG meeting yesterday and I followed it up talking with Dennis Burnham about some suggestions he had about the script work space.  This got me thinking about what I would really find useful in the Script Work space that is not there.  One thing that would be rather useful would be a drop down that lets me know what Layouts this script is in either as a button or script trigger.  Another useful drop down would be would be a list of other scripts that call this script so that you know which scripts this is a subscript of.  We can get this in the DDR, but it sure would be useful see in the Script Workspace.  Do many of you others think this would be useful in the Script Workspace?