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FileMaker Pro Advanced 12 compatibility with Sierra?

Question asked by james22 on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by mikebeargie

I am using FMPA v12 on Yosemite* and it works for my uses, mainly creating emails** and creating invoice pdfs. I have just been trying out FMP 15 and there is a problem, already noted by others, that the pdf function does not work. This has been going on for months but FileMaker hasn't yet fixed it. Why?


So I'll probably stick with what works for the time being and not upgrade even though I'll lose the upgrade availability after 23 September which is a shame


In case I do decide to upgrade to Sierra, can anyone tell me if FMPA v12 works OK on it.


Thx for any help






*Using Yosemite because InDesign CS6 does not work properly on El Capitan. I understand there have been problems with later versions of FMP and El Capitan. Why doesn't FileMaker, Inc get these things sorted out?

**FM's email function is very limited. I don't want to send SMTP and I use Mailsmith as my email client, so after composing my email I copy and paste it into a new email created by script in Mailsmith. Used this for years and it functions OK for me.