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    Default email client


      I am trying to set-up a "send by email" button that creates the email in Outlook 2011 instead of Mail. I have tried File>Send>Mail and sending via SMTP server but I keep getting messages saying its unsuccessful. I am using Filemaker Pro 14. Can anybody help with this issue?

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          Are you using 32 or 64 bit Filemaker?


          Outlook 2011 will be 32 bit. They both need to be the same to work.


          Make sure that you have dialog [On]. As this will open up the outlook client to write the email.

          I'm not sure about any issues with filemaker and Outlook 2011

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            Where would I find the information for the answer to the 32 or 64 bit?


            Can you tell me how I can doubled check that dialog is on?

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              To find what architecture filemaker is:-

              Go to Help > About Filemaker Pro > Info. You will see Application Architecture.


              For your send mail. Create a button on a layout. Double click the button and on the drop down select single step. On here type send mail and it will ring up a step. That already has Dialog [On].


              You can edit any of the field settings such as To, Subject and Message. Then every time this button is clicked the settings will already saved.

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                You are giving a mixed message here.  You asked how you would sent mail using an SMPT server (ie: ignoring any mail client), but you are pursing how you would set up the mail to be sent by Outlook (ie: using the user's mail client).


                Could you clarify whether you are looking to send using the user's email client (and then whether you wish it to have a dialogue or not), or whether you want to send it directly through an SMTP server, and bypass any need to Outlook or any other mail client?

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                  32 bit version.


                  It has a tick-box saying "perform without dialog" which isn't ticked.


                  Yes I am able to edit the field settings.

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                    Sorry if the post is confusing, Im just finding my feet with Filemaker.


                    I am looking to insert a button into a layout that enables you to send records through Outlook 2011 in the form of an email.

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                      Well the version of it is fine.


                      Which ever method you are using whether it be Email Client or SMTP it needs to be preform WITH dialog. If this is un-ticked this basically bypasses the email client and sends the message without reviewing it.


                      This is probably why you are getting an error.

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                        The tick-box isn't ticked.


                        Surely if I ticked the box "perform without dialog" it would be WITHOUT dialog.

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                          Okay - perhaps you didn't know that you had a choice, maybe?  You can send mail using the user's nominated email client.  This can be useful (for example it will save the email in their Sent Items, I believe) but can cause another layer of debugging - like now, for example.  And what do you do if another user uses Thunderbird, or web-based gmail, for example?  Or has no associated mail client?  They may be confronted with an error message...


                          You can choose to send the mail with or without a dialogue.  'No dialogue' sends it immediately.  Or you can show a dialogue, in which case the user is presented with the prepared email, using their usual email client interface, and they can edit it (or cancel it) as they wish.


                          The second method is to send the mail directly from Filemaker, ignoring any requirement for a user-specified email client, and you specify the SMTP server and credentials you want to use.  You can also suppress the dialogue there, so the mail is send immediately and seamlessly.  That is the method we use by far the most often - but it is not that it is better, just more often better suited to our use.

                          There are limitations with the SMTP method - only one attachment (at a time) and no HTML content in the message.



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                            Woops should of meant preform with instead of un-ticked.


                            In Filemaker 15 it changes this to just have dialog [On]


                            Have you tested it with preform with dialog on?

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                              Im looking for it to create a prepared email (in Outlook 2011) containing all the fields on a record. It is a contacts database and Im looking to be able to send 1 particular record through emails.

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                                You're kinda avoiding the question: why have you chosen to send the mail using the user's mail client, and not directly through the SMTP option?  I am not saying that SMTP is better, it is horses-for-courses.  For example, if the user has no need to interact with the email once it is prepared, there is no advantage in using their email client, and some disadvantages, as you are now experiencing.

                                Using either method you can:

                                - set the email address(es)

                                - set the mail title

                                - set the mail content

                                - add an attachment if you want

                                - send with or without dialogue

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                                  I didn't know this option existing to be honest.


                                  From yours suggestion I have managed to write a script which is through the SMTP option (see attached)Mail Script.tiff


                                  All I'm looking for is to be able to type and send dialog (that varies between each email) with the email and records.

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                                    Are you looking to check if an email address exists before sending the mail?

                                    What is the function of exporting the container file contents?  It's not clear where you use it again, but you will not be able to include HTML in the body of the mail, though you could attach an image, for example.

                                    When you are polishing the script I'd tend to put a 'Are you sure...?' custom dialogue at the top, and show the user what is going to be sent, and to whom, and let them confirm that they are happy before it is sent.

                                    (Obviously that is dependent upon the interruption meeting the way the users work - no point if they are going to be sending 100s of mails in a batch, of course.)

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