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ODBC Connection to MS Access error

Question asked by StephBell on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by user19752

Hello people of the FM Community,


     I am trying to link my solution to a MS Access 2010 DB file. I have set up the ODBC driver on the server to point to the file and the ODBC connection appears when in the application correctly. So good so far. However when I try and add a table from the connection i get this error:



A few things to note:


The FileMaker server is a different server to the one holding the MS Access file so it is connecting through a share:



I am using a copy of the file for testing superposes.


There is no username or password on the Access file or within it on the DB itself.


I had an issue getting it to actually see the file because for some reason it was depending a network drive to be mounted, but found that if i edited the path in the registry of the FileMaker server it would let me put in the fill DSN name: \\pbasbsserver\pba\Fiance\SOP\PBAsopBE - Copy.accdb


Any PC on the network can just double click the Access file (subject to them having Access installed) and it opens fine so not sure what I am doing wrong!


Any help would be very much appreciated!