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button bar bug? does not autosize when hidden

Question asked by aeu477 on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by jfletch

I'm wondering if anyone else has come across this issue, and if it's a bug how do I report it to Filemaker?


1. Put a button bar on a layout. Set the auto-sizing to anchor left and right, so it would stretch with layout resize.

2. Create several segments and make them popovers. Each popover is given a unique object name.

3. Go to browse mode and notice the button bar scales horizontally, properly, as the layout is resized.

4. Now set the button bar's "Hide object when" calc to True, so the entire bar will now be hidden.

5. Use a script or a second button bar with normal buttons set to GoToObject for any given popover object on the now-hidden first button bar.

6. Notice the hidden button bar is now *not* properly scaling horizontally; and, as such, the pop-over segments (being called by object name to make them visible) are not in the same horizontal place they were when the button bar was previously visible.


This is a significant problem for my current development because I have button bar A with buttons that call a script to execute code that is needed before the associated popups pop up (hence, I can't simply do an OnObjectEnter trigger on the popover). Then I have a mirror button bar B, hidden and overlayed, with popovers (as previously described) that then pop-up after the initial code is executed. However, the hidden button bar is not scaling properly, so its popovers no longer line up with the visible buttons.   >:-|