Bugreport: Webdirect blocking Webviewer containing specific Textstring

Discussion created by MarcelMore on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2017 by velistar

Running Webdirect on FMS it is not possible to include a Webviewer that contains HTML source with the textstring "/fmi/webd".

At the very moment when such textstring appears inside the HTML source, the Webviewer stops rendering and only shows an empty white box.


Please refer to attached Demo Database-File that includes some objects to demonstrate this behaviour. Documentation is included in the Demo File.



The original purpose of including a HTML Link pointing to a WebDirect URL was to build a HTML customized GUI-object that will trigger Scripts inside the FileMaker Solution by FMP URL Scheme.


The same is possible from within a Webviewer running on FileMaker Pro Desktop or FileMaker GO.

Using the FMP URL Scheme like "fmp://$/MyFile/?script=MyScript&param=MyParameter" can trigger a Script by clicking on a HTML Link inside the Webviewer.


Following the Webdirect documentation, the analog solution for an FMP URL Scheme within WebDirect should be the following: "http://MyHost/fmi/webd/#MyFile?script=MyScript&param=MyParameter".

Unfortunately Webdirect will block the whole Webviewer content from rendering, if it includes the string "/fmi/webd" somewhere inside. So the whole approach for building HTML GUI inside a WebViewer is broken when it comes to Webdirect.


As I understand, that it might not be a desired outcome to show Webdirect-Content inside a Webviewer in Webdirect (to prevent "short circuit"), it should on the other hand be possible to include some valid mechanism to just send Trigger-Events from within the Webviewer by FMP URL.


Please check, if the blocking mechanism does too much here.

Or please provide any other valid method to achieve the desired result of sending Script-Triggerevents on User Interaction from within the Webviewer. Thank you!