WebDirect over Internet?

Discussion created by goldencode on Sep 6, 2016
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Hi, everyone


I have done a lot of googling trying to reach a result but still no luck


I already have a server with Filemaker Server installed and there is a database,


What i'm trying to achieve is that i want to access Filemaker Database from outside the local network, in other words, i want to be able to access the database from anywhere through the web browser.

For example: a user should use a link the will redirect him to a specific Filemaker form to fill his data and the data are stored in the database...How i'm supposed to achieve this? What is the thing the i'm missing?


In the link below** the article says that i should use this link ( ) to be able to access the database, i have used my server's local ip address for example:( ) and it is working but when i use my external ip address to be able to access it outside of the local network, it doesn't work...I have already assinged the port 5003 to my router but to luck.


**Opening or accessing a solution using FileMaker WebDirect | FileMaker


Thanks a lot for your time,