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How to get info of a TO in a layout

Question asked by timv on Sep 5, 2016
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I am new to filemaker, so maybe this is a stupid question and I hope I put the question in the right location.  In the figure below I shows a simplified version of my database structure, to support my question. The actual database is already a big spider web with relations.

The database consists of companies (red) and products(blue). And for both original tables I have a layout. Each product is made/developed by a certain company.





On the layout of the companies I want to add a portal which lists the products used by that specific company using a joined table(green). In attempt to keep the relationship overview readable I used multiple table occurrences.

Until here everything works fine: I have a nice list of used products on the Company layout.  But now I would like to display the inverse information on the product layout: a list of companies which are using it.

As far I understand filemaker: layouts are based upon table occurrences, so with the current structure I can’t get the information of the joined table on a layout of products. Is this correct?

To solve this I could delete the “product copy” TO and make a direct link to the product table, but I would like to avoid that. (keep the relation diagram readable). I don’t want to make my layout based on the “product copy” TO. ?(other not shown relations)

So what is a good approach for this?

Should I use a copy of the joined table? I this the way to do this? Or are you not supposed to make copies of the joined table. What is the good practice to do solve this issue.