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Relationship Issues - Portals, Foreign Keys, Primary Keys, Field Auto-Generation

Question asked by LeiReg on Sep 6, 2016
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I'm not new to FileMaker, however, this is my first attempt at designing a database from scratch. Prior to this I upgraded a company's FM and re-designed their database but didn't create a new one from scratch. I am trying to help out a friend with their FM but I am hitting a very basic roadblock that I simply can't seem to get around.


I'm attaching a zipped file of my database thus far. My Staff layout is fine and working well. My Client and Job Layouts are a mess. Truly, I know this. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I know it's something simple and maybe I have been staring at it so long I've simply lost the ability to see it.


On the Client Layout I'm trying to have 2 Portals from the same table. One of Staff to Avoid and One of Staff Favorites. I thought a solution would be to create a separate table but I am having the worst time getting my portal to display ANY information. I can select "Jones" or "Regan" but then it doesn't populate the rest of the portal row and it even adds a record in the main table. I feel I've made a terrible mess of things.


On my Job Layout I am running into the same issue but not involving a portal. I think it's my value lists. Is there a better way to get fields to auto-populate selected information from a related table? Are my relationships bad? Am I picking things from the wrong Relationship? I am so lost and I know I must look quite the fool but I could truly use some help.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and thank you in advance for you help.