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So I need to create a multiuser solution...

Question asked by ericliewcy on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by beverly

Okay I'm probably going to sound like a total newbie here but I am currently designing a pricing solution for my company. The solution should be able/designed in such a way that:


1. The client will only hold the GUI file, and there will be a database FM file on the FMserver which the GUI file will refer to for data display. For some reason when I have uploaded my database to my server, the GUI file was unable to call in the data from the file in list view but was able to in individual records view.

2. There should ideally be different layouts for different departments (sales, logistics, purchasing) or different GUI file for them, since each should be shown with different datas from the database.

3. I would like the tables in the database to be different (i.e. one table will hold all the product codes and its list prices, and another table will the product's selling prices) but I cannot figure out for the life of me how can I do this.

4. Account login and credentials to be created/managed in one of the filemaker's layouts, and not in the filemaker options. (I'd like to disable the user's access to all the functions above if possible, with custom menus) so ideally I would have another table which holds all the records of the accounts and its credentials.


Can any one of you seasoned filemakers educate this freshie?