Multi-criterion FAIL for "Hide object when..." function

Discussion created by bee13 on Sep 6, 2016
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The following issue has me 'stumped.'


Simply put, I want a certain layout object to hide when one OR more of many related fields are populated on a "Permission to Photograph" student record popover.


I have fiddled with this thing for days and can't quite get it to fully cooperate.  Currently, the calculation seems to be non-reactive to date field, "$docDate."  All other fields, singly or in combination, appear to cause the calculation to respond appropriately, but not the $docDate field.


I have tweaked and tweaked the calculation, trying patternCount, getAsText, isValid functions with the $docDate field as well as stringing the logical function "or" between each of the fields, etc.  The calc you see below is the closest I've been able to get to proper functioning.


It seems that there are at least three possible problems: 1) The calc below is incorrectly written, or 2) the $docDate field has something wrong with it, or 3) both 1 and 2 have have simultaneous problems.


$decline is a checkbox with the values "1" or empty

$docInc is a checkbook with the values "1" or empty

$auth is a text field

$docDate is a date field

$docLoc is a text field




Let ( [


  $decline = Students::PermToPhotoDeclined ;

  $docInc = Students::PermToPhotoDocInc ;

  $auth = Students::PermToPhotoAuthority ;

  $docDate = Students::PermToPhotoDocDate ;

  $docLoc = Students::PermToPhotoDocLoc ] ;


or ( not (

  $decline ≠ 1

  and $docInc ≠ 1

  and not IsEmpty ( $auth )

  and not IsEmpty ( $docDate )

  and not IsEmpty ( $docLoc ) ) ;


  $decline = 1







Any ideas?


Thanks in advance.