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Creating a Relationship with only one Record

Question asked by AbdulrahmanIsmail on Sep 6, 2016
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I am struggling with what seems to be very simple exercise, and would appreciate some help in solving it.


I have a very simple database with two tables (T_1 and T_2)..  Table T_1 has two fields NO (number) and PIC (Container). This table has over 200 records with data in them.


The other table T_2 has 6 fields (cos_01, cos_02 and cos_03) all number fields, it also has three container fields (img_01, img_02 and img_03)… But this table has ONLY ONE RECORD.


I want to setup a relationship between the two tables so that every time I change a number field cos_01 in T_2, it looks up the record with same number in the NO field in T_1 then copies the contents of the PIC field of the same record into the img_01 field back in T_2.




Thanks in advance.