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Unique identifier for existing records created without ID field

Question asked by ajshapiro on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2016 by ajshapiro

I've inherited a series of fp7 files (and am using FM Pro 10). These started with a single database and table of customer records. Then each year for several years, the file was duplicated, some customer records were added, some were deleted, with some fields being modified on each customer record each year (eg, sales).  I am trying to combine these tables to create a history of the values of the fields that changed (eg, history of sales).


There was no unique ID field created that would allow me to associate the customer records from one table to that of the same customer in the other tables.  I do have a name field but its values are not unique.


Is there a way to access either an internal Filemaker ID or record creation date (or some other unique identifier) on EXISTING records (whether through a calculation, script or otherwise) to allow me to associate the records from one database with those in the duplicate (but subsequently modified) versions of that database? It appears creation date can only be auto-entered on record creation, not after the fact.