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Set Field by Name in Find Mode - working ?

Question asked by PieroF on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by PieroF


I found out that Set field by name does not work in Find Mode on calculated fields (while Set field does).

It returns error: [102] missing field….


That resulted by testing this code:


Set variable [$selection; Value: <my customized function>]

Set variable [$fieldName; Value: Get(ActiveFieldName)]

Enter Find mode []

Set field by name [GetFieldName(Evaluate($fieldName)); $selection ]

Perform Find []


The above code works fine on standard text fields. Not on calculated text fields.

In fact I found a different and simpler solution for the example above using Set field that works in both cases. So this is not the issue.


The question is:

why Set field by name and Set field have different behavior in Find Mode over calculated fields ? does it make any sense or is it just a bug ?