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converting data from filemaker 11 to filemaker 15

Question asked by db0593 on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by philmodjunk

Currently we are on FM 11 and in 2 weeks we will be going to FM 15.   I have the documentation but am very unfamiliar with Filemaker, I have only installed the client in the past and have not really done anything else.   Now it is up to me to do this process.


First of all the idea is to go to a brand new server that will run Filemaker Server 15.   So if I am reading the instructions correctly these are the steps that I will do. 

1.) I will install filemaker server 15 onto the new server that will act as the host.

2.) from the old Filemaker 11 server I will stop all databases and then copy the databases and whatever other folders if any reside in the data\ path.

3.) Here is where I am a bit uncertain.    Am I to copy this data\  information to the new server following the same structure (which in my case the software is located on the C: partition but he data is on the E: partition of the FM 11 server.

4.) Now that I have the data on the server, I use another machine running FM Pro 15.   Create a folder for the newly converted databases either on the server or on this workstation.   Then I open FM Pro 15 and open the folder (on the new server) where the FM 11 databases are (in .ftp7 format) then select all the databases and choose the newly created folder for the destination and tell it to convert?   The FM11 databases will stay in their original format and the .ftp12 formatted databases will now reside in the folder that I assigned as the destination.  (Hope I am correct so far).

5.) Now do I "move" the .ftp7 databases somewhere else and then replace this E:\data\  with the new .ftp11 formatted databases? 


I am a bit confused on where the files need to be in order to format them initially.   Do I move a copy to the workstation that I am going to use to convert them?   Or do I install FM Pro 15 on the new server and do the conversion there?    Please advise.