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Container handling vertical solution

Question asked by iconomydk on Sep 8, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2016 by Mike_Mitchell

I am running a vertical solution in a hosting center on VM. I have full access to this setup via Microsoft Remote Desktop. This is a single file solution ( no interface/data structure – no plans of that)


I would like to give the customers the ability to save their receipts and invoices etc. in the solution, and with this comes extra responsibility.

I am thinking of doing this with containers using external storage.


But what about updates?

I have a master edition of the solution, where bugs are fixed and new functions are developed. Today when a client gets an upgrade, I close his file on the server, downloads it to my Mac, trashes the file on the server, do my update routine and uploads the new version to the server again ( 5-10 mins. job )


But in the future where a customer could have thousands of container documents, this seems to make this upgrade procedure a no go.


In stead I am thinking of creating a separate file for all the container data (either one per client or one for all clients ), so that I can leave this on the server when doing my update.


Would very much like to hear what others do?

Are there any best practices?

One “container file” per client, or one per server (all clients on the server)?


Backup strategy?


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