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Portal Filtering using a Custom Function

Question asked by baldewicz on Sep 8, 2016
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I have a solution which a main layout (Table: MainMenu) is related by a X-join to all of the child (Table: Document) records by PK.


On the MainMenu Layout there is a portal which is filtered by Custom Function: BinaryFilter(1)


BinaryFilter(index)= Case ( index > MainMeun::Number_of_Tags_Global ; 1; (Middle ( MainMenu::Binary_Tags ; index ; 1 ) = "1") and (Middle ( Document::Binary_Tags ; index ; 1 ) ≠  "1") ; 0 ; BinaryFilter (index + 1) )



This works fine when MainMenu:Binary_Tags is not a global field, when I switch it to a global field, the portal fails to update.



I would prefer to have MainMenu::Binary_Tags a global field, as I will have multiple users accessing this table at the same time.  There is only one record in this table as users use this as an interface to filter the portal records.  A user will never change any of the fields in this work book, except the MainMenu::Binary_Tags (this is done by scripts/button clicks).


The child Table: Documents holds controlled documents that they are able to open and read, but they would never change them.


Is this possible?  If not do you have recommendations for how to do this, as the user does not click into the Binary_Tags field, the record does not lock, to be able to script to go to the next record.


Thank you very much and I hope this is clear what I am trying to do.