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    Make Editable Button


      Hi Everyone – I want my layout and the fields non-editable (not able to browse) during normal operation. I want a button on the layout with the text “Edit Record” when pressed, the fields that are non-editable would become editable. Then when the record or layout is changed the default state is back to non-editable or when the “Edit Record” button is pressed again the fields become non-editable again.


      Does anyone have an example or some knowledge for me to read on this is done please.

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          Markus Schneider

          more than one way..


          pragmatic: Double the layout, one with locked field, one with 'open' fields. The button would just go to another layout. The 'open' layout has one single button 'back', whatever name, that goes to the locked layout


          trigger: The button sets a $$variable, ie $$Lock="open" (although I prefer numeric values..), the button can be a toggle (first click opens, second click closes again). Then, add a trigger by entering fields with a script that checks for $$lock. If not "open" leave the field (for example by the 'revert record/request' script step), otherwise set $$lock to "locked", enter the field. This way, one single field can be edited (if $$lock is unchanged, one can edit as long as $$lock is not resetted, by the same or by a second button. ($$Vars are per user and per session)



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            Johan Hedman

            Simple trick for that

            Skärmavbild 2016-09-09 kl. 09.15.49.png


            Just disable Field entry in Browse Mode