Found Set Not Continuing From One Layout to Another Once 2nd Perform Find Executes

Discussion created by sumaschu on Sep 8, 2016
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Hey All,


Have run into something I just can't seem to get my arms around.  Basically, have two tables: Sisters and Burials, which are joined by the Primary Key "Sister_ID".  Need to perform searches based upon two fields, Date.of.Death in the Sisters table and Burial_Location_ID from the Burials table.  Everything goes swimmingly in terms of record counts from the Burials table in terms of finding the correct records (n=18).  The script (Sort.Deceased.Sisters.Without.BurialInfo Copy2) switches from the 18 record found set in the Burials table to the same 18 records in Sisters table when going to the "Go To Related Record" line, as I would expect.  However, when the script tries to Perform Find on the initial found set, the record count goes from 18 to over 600.  Clearly, it is not reducing the number of records down from its initial 18.  After looking through the 18 records, 1 record should be removed from the 18 records, leaving the correct found set count at 17 for the final display after the 2nd Perform Find.  The script is attached to this posting.  Again, everything seems to work just fine until it hits the 2nd Perform Find (for the Sisters table).  As you will be able to see, have tried using this script with and without Constrain Found Set after the initial Perform Find.


Now for the gut wrencher.  Just found this error and I am implementing this Monday morning, Sept 12th.  That's right, its Thursday night and I am driving 400 miles to the client to implement Monday.  Please help!!!  This may help you join Mother Theresa of Calcutta as a Saint!!


Thank you so much!  If nothing else, please pray for me!!

Mark <><