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    Hosted files not showing after installing fiber line


      Hi There,


      I have a very strange and annoying issue with my one client. I have a launch file for the external users to gain access to their FM Hosted Solution and this has been working very well for the last few years without a hitch. They are connecting from FM Pro 12 to FM Server 12 over an ADSL connection with a 3G fail over.


      We had an IP change 2 years ago, and updated the IP details on the firewall and external connections in the launch file, and everything still worked perfectly. Beginning of last week my client upgraded to fiber and now we have awesome download speeds in the office but none of the external users can get to the FM Server. The FM Server sits on an old Windows 2003 Server box, and when we RDP into the server on the new IP address, the firewall sends us to the FM Server and we can see the machine, however FMS does not want to show up when we use open remote dialog. And yes I did update the IP in the launch file


      The only thing that has changed in the whole setup is the static IP address the comes into the firewall, yet FM Pro will not see the files. We are about to start opening up every port known to man to see if that works, but as you can imagine that could be a little security flaw .


      As I mentioned, it doesn't make sense as the system has been working fine up until we switched over from ADSL. Any suggestions on things for us to look at as to why the external users can not now access the server?

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          Sounds like your router is not configured correctly. Not ports, but knowing that the Static IP changed and thus can not forward port 5003 (the only port you should need for pro to see files on the server) to the correct internal IP.

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            We have already tried that and still nothing. How it has been working for the last 3 years, is that on the SonicWall firewall, we have port 3390 open to forward traffic to the server hosting FMS, and this has worked fine on the ADSL connection.


            I have asked IT support, and the only thing is that now instead of a Cisco ADSL router connecting to the SonicWall, it is the Fiber router connecting to the SonicWall with the new static IP. The use of port 3390 was done before I started working on the system, and I asked the guys to rather open 5003, but they said it is working so why change it. Now that we have this issue, I got IT support to open port 5003 on TCP and UDP and still nothing. I have even now added the port numbers to the server that hosts FMS but I have to wait until after hours to restart the services. If that doesn't work then I am at a complete loss.

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              Hello ndveitch,


              I spent days trying to troubleshoot a SonicWall port forwarding issue a while ago. My only suggestion from those hard lessons learnt is never assume because the SonicWall was working fine previously, the new problems aren't due to it. I like SonicWalls, but they can be a bear. Their tech support is excellent though.


              After saying that, the new Fibre/SonicWall connection is the major change, so that is also a suspect.


              Bottom line, I hope it is a configuration or reboot issue.


              Best wishes,



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                Hi Beatrice,


                Thank-you for the info. I will let my support know so they can investigate further. As soon as we are back up and running i will post how we sorted it out.

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                  This seems to shout firewall problem. I don't understand your use of port 3390, unless you are using this for RDP access (sometimes an alternative to 3389). However, you must have 5003 open for a local copy of FileMaker to connect to the server. Even with the port open, you may need to redirect the port to the Windows server, otherwise the network traffic won't know where to go once it hits the network your server is on.


                  If someone on the remote network can use Terminal on their Mac (or a Windows equivalent) and enter:

                  telnet <external IP address> 5003

                  then press return you should get a response along the lines of 'Connected to <external IP address.' and 'Escape character is '^]'


                  If the response is 'Trying <external IP address.' followed by 'Operation timed out' then you have a firewall problem. Good luck with the Sonicwall, not our favourite, and you've mentioned a fibre router not a modem. If this is the case, it is possble there is a firewall within this and you've actually 2 firewalls to deal with. If this is set to bridging, then only the Sonicwall would be a factor.




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